Thursday, January 12, 2017

New York I Love You... (But)

maybe not so much in winter.  This was my first time back in New York during the winter since 2013, and I have decided on this trip that I am not so keen.  It's much easier to be in love with this city when you're not a resident dealing with its daily transgressions (The F train that inexplicably took 30 minutes to appear! The dirtiness of the streets and sidewalks!  The panhandlers that harass you on the subway!) and it's triply easier to be in love with this city when you're visiting and hitting the highlights AND the weather is lovely.

My friend took this beautiful picture from her office window during one of the evenings before the new year, and gave me permission to post on my blog. 

New York was privy to some sensational sunsets when we were there.
New York City is definitely a vibrant, unique, special place, but I think I've gotten pretty accustomed to my creature comforts while living abroad.  The humid tropical weather, the compact commute to work, the  clean public spaces, the complete lack of safety concerns (of both the is-this-person-going-to-rob/assault/sexually harass-me and the is-this-person-going-to-pull-out-a-machine-gun variety).... 

Hong Kong definitely has its faults and living here raises other concerns, but this time, I'm pretty glad to be back.  It's fitting that I post this on the day of my fifth anniversary of moving to Hong Kong.  Now that we start our sixth year here, I have to admit that this city is feeling more and more familiar and more and more like home.

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