Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fruit Basket and Planning Trips for 2017

It's been a pretty quiet week here in Hong Kong, what with the Chinese new year holidays coming up right around the corner and the weather finally dipping into what feels like winter (though, let's be clear, I am still going in to work in my trench coat or leather jacket).

I realized I haven't done a fruit post in a long time.  I continue to eat fruit like a rhesus monkey - I've actually stepped up my game in recent months by trying to keep at least four or five different kinds of fruit on hand.  Ever since my sister gave me this beautiful hand-painted bowl as an early wedding present, we have used it as our fruit repository.
 Persimmons are in season now - go out and get them!  They are so sweet that they make my white nectarines taste tart.  Just so we're clear here - Michael doesn't eat any of this fruit.  He eats the bananas and green apples which go into our green shakes, but those don't even make it into the fruit bowl.

Fruit devouring aside, I have been keeping busy on planning some upcoming trips (some more realistic than others).  The first big trip is our spring break trip to Qatar!  This trip is 100% going to happen. We are going to visit and hang out with Michael's sister and her husband, who is teaching for a semester in Doha.

As usual, I have completely gone down a rabbit hole zealously researching all of the things to do and sights to see and have mapped out at least two (really three or maybe four) different itineraries, depending on whether we want to do a desert overnight stay or focus more on snorkeling in the Gulf of Oman? And also whether we want to stay put in Doha or take a super fast day trip to Dubai? And I really want to go to Musandam Bay but that's a whole separate trip for which we have no time.  Ugh, the world is really too big.

I discovered while in the throes of my research that Oman is actually a fantastic scuba diving destination, with a lot of opportunities to see whale sharks (WHALE SHARKS!) up close and personal.  Doh.  I still have yet to see a whale shark and it remains on my list of top desires.

The other trip is one that's actually coming up much faster - Chinese new year, end of next week.  We hadn't planned to go away this year.  I had been dreaming up some big fantasies about a trip to New Zealand (there is a sweet spot on the United mileage chart for this using miles) but I didn't pull the trigger when I should have last summer, and everything got booked up.

I had been feeling pretty okay about just staying in Hong Kong this year, but as the holiday approaches, I suddenly find myself feverishly wistful (planning our trip for Easter may have also triggered major wanderlust) and this week I found myself frantically googling last minute deals out of Hong Kong.  There are a few viable options, possibly, still... maybe not.  But we shall see if we end up pulling the trigger super last minute.  Stay tuned!

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