Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things: Lobster Bar, Wicked, Cupcakes, Flowers, Pink Pom Poms

I had a pretty great end to the week/weekend, filled with good food, a great show, tasty cupcakes and pretty flowers (for just because)!

On Thursday I went to lunch with one of my best friends in Hong Kong, to catch up on what we each did over the holidays and our plans for the new year.
We ate at the Shangri-La Lobster Bar and Grill, which is a bright, light filled little treasure for nice sit-down lunches in Hong Kong.   They have a good buffet lunch spread, which is pretty good value considering you get a wide selection of cold appetizers and antipasti (plus a delectable king crab bar)
 a big basket of tasty rolls
 and an entree of your choice.  We had the choice between a prime rib and seared scallops with risotto and we both opted for the scallops.
 The meal also comes with access to the dessert bar (consisting of about 6 or so cakes and desserts, plus fresh berries), and choice of coffee or tea.

Friday found me in very good spirits after I attended one of my favorite yoga classes.  The instructor is a petite ball of fiery dynamic personality and I love how detailed she is in her instructions.  I don't find the class that challenging - for me, it hits the perfect spot where I can do every single pose, yet still refine each one and get stronger/better at holding it longer and deeper.  And to my surprise, it has helped me a lot in other classes with other poses - where I find myself suddenly able to do something I hadn't been able to before.  All of this is to say, my love affair with yoga continues in 2017.

I then headed to Wan Chai's Lyric Theater on Friday night to meet up with some friends, barely able to suppress my glee.  Seriously, I was walking on my tiptoes as I headed into the theater.  Because, I was getting ready to see Wicked!  This has to be one of the most feel-good musicals ever.  The plot is fun and interesting and so cleverly woven as a prologue into the Wizard of Oz story.  The music (the music!) is so catchy and fantastic.  Nearly every song - What is this Feeling, I'm Not That Girl, Wonderful, As Long as You're Mine, and For Good - made me squirm with indelible happiness.  I love when Glinda and Elphaba harmonize in this musical, oh my gosh, it's so good.  I know musicals are pretty fluffy and not particularly high-brow, but they are also beautiful productions with so much fun and flair that I find them hard to resist.
 Clearly lots of theatergoers here were excited too.  It seemed like a lot of people were repeat viewers, who had seen the production in either New York, London and Sydney previously.  I was very good and didn't take any pictures once the show started, but I couldn't resist taking one of the stage to start.
 The show was just as good as I remembered it, but I have to say, the acoustics are not very good in the Lyric Theater.  I remember it being a pristine audio-visual experience when I saw it years ago in New York - this time around, there were times, especially during the songs, when I couldn't really understand the lyrics because the sound came across a bit muffled.  Even that couldn't dampen my excitement, though, and I left the theater walking on (very musical) clouds.  Now if only Book of Mormon would come on tour!

For Saturday, I indulged in some flowers (pink and purple mums) from a local market, and some mini-cupcakes. 
 We were planning to host a dinner at our apartment, but sadly our friends had to cancel at the last minute.  This meant more cupcakes for me and Michael, which isn't altogether a bad thing!
The other highlight?  Michael and I are so incompatible food-wise that eventually we come around full circle.  He and I would never choose the same cupcake, so we were pretty much assured that we could have our choice pick each and every time, no squabbling necessary.  These were also perfect bite-sized cupcakes, so it prompted even more guilt-free indulging, because technically you could eat all of them and still it would probably only amount to one cupcake...

OH, ALSO, UPDATE: I can't believe I nearly forgot, I acquired a soft little furry pink pom pom over the weekend to hang on my bag.  It's supposedly made of rabbit fur and after much deliberation over the colors (beige? purple? white?) I decided I had to go with pink.  It's so, so soft.  It's totally random but it sure makes me smile. ...Michael thinks I've gone off the deep end.

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