Thursday, September 1, 2016

What a Week It Has Been, and Looking Towards Better Things

Guys, I am just going to put it out there -- this week has been really rough, work-wise.

Starting from last Friday morning until pretty much right this moment, nearly every day has been a grim reminder of the challenges of law firm life, and how hard it can be to maintain a good, balanced demeanor through the jagged, uneven and challenging demands of it all.

My otherwise beautiful TGIF early morning moment rapidly descended into a barely-controlled chaos due to an urgent deal that demanded toil all through the weekend, and very long days at that, drafting bespoke agreements to capture a customized multi-step implementation and shareholders agreement, only for it to unexpectedly (but to my ever lasting gratitude) die on Sunday night.

Then before I really had a chance to catch up on any sleep on Monday (is there ever a worse feeling than starting the week off feeling like it should be Friday, because you worked all weekend?) I was staffed on another deal, which will likely heat up at any moment and with very little warning.

Then to top off this epic week, I had a closing that was misleading in the lead up due its calmness.... before everyone got a taste of the does-not-feel-good-at-all closing panic frenzy.

I find myself unable to keep all the thoughts circling around in my head at bay -- the what if's, how come's, should have's...and I am hoping that writing about something else will make me feel better.


So, for the sake of my sanity and yours, let us move on to all of the amazing things that I have to look forward to in our upcoming Italy trip.  Let this new day of a beautiful new month usher in more balance, and steadiness, and nerve.  Oh, and I just poured myself a huge glass of white wine, so there.

As stated in previous post, we are headed there the end of September.  I. am. so. excited.  Because, Italy!!  I've only been to Italy once and I am kind of kicking myself for that lapse in judgment.  How have I not made it to Tuscany, how did I miss Cinque Terre, and the lakes district in the north, and the scrubby islands in the south... I could go again and again, I think!  This trip will be to a region never before explored by moi, so I am doubly excited by that.

I am hoping that we get to spend a day or two in Milan, where I have plans to do some shopping, see some churches, eat a lot of pasta, and drink some wine, before road-tripping in classic Italian style up to the lake district, to check out the two big lakes, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.

I haven't fully sketched out what we are going to do or how long we will stay, but I do have a little b&b booked for the days leading up to my friend's wedding, and I have some relatively strong opinions about what I want to eat and drink...

We are trying out the Relais Villa Nina in Carate Urio, just south of Laglio.  Isn't it beautiful and charming?  I hope it turns out to be just so in person.  We plan to take a boat out onto the lake, eat out at night, and just generally have a great time.

My friend is getting married in the gorgeous and enchanting Villa Regina Teodolinda, and I have ample faith that she knows how to throw a fantastic party.  Her hen's party (bachelorette, listen to my expat speak!) will be at the very posh Villa D'Este, a hotel built in the 16th century.  Yes.  I will be in a room, touching and seeing things and inhabiting a space that existed over 500 years ago.  Super sweet.

I really like the idea of a big ole' lake, dating from the Ice Age, sitting still and deep, dotted with the charming villas and houses and docks, bearing witness to all of the trials and tribulations of the hundreds of generations that have come and gone before.  I think one could very easily be immersed in the elements here, both natural and man-made, and sit back and murmur about any problem, "and this, too, shall pass."

And surely a trip to Italy warrants a fabulous Italian wardrobe to go with it?  Maybe a funky vintage suitcase to make it feel more like a glitzy European caper?  In any event, surely a wedding of this location and vintage is the best excuse for a shopping excursion and deserves a fabulous dress!

I want a long dress with floral print.  Any suggestions very much welcome.

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