Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Eats at Maison Libanaise

I finally went to the Maison Libanaise in Soho, off of the escalators, this weekend.

I loved it.  They have a great picture window that opens out to the escalators.

Fantastic people watching? Check.
 They have the cutest decor, with these fun patterned tile floors, and the most cheerful and colorful entryway.  Their stairwell just makes you happy.

Colorful, cute, funky decor?  Check.

They have a eat-in menu and a take-out menu.  Their takeout menu focuses on a few things they do well and they do not try to be too ambitious with it - grilled cheese, lamb, chicken or beef, or falafel are the protein choices.  They have rice, Syrian salad, tabouleh or a mezze platter.  They have four sauces, consisting of cucumber yogurt, sesame, lemon garlic or chili.  They have some beverage options and two side options.  Done.
Simple, fast, decision-tree menu?  Check.

 The food came out in a jiffy and before I knew it I was eagerly and greedily inhaling my combo beef haloumi Syrian salad wrap.  I will definitely be back.
This place has it all!

Maison Libanaise
10 Shelley Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2111 2284

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