Monday, September 12, 2016

Moon Festival at PMQ and Dinner at Chom Chom

We are coming up on the mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong, and suddenly the city has been alight with lanterns.  This is a cheery light exhibit at PMQ which I had the opportunity to see last week.
PMQ had a "moon festival" in their courtyard, with a bunch of different vendors selling foods and fashion vendors selling clothes and jewelry.

The whole place was strung up with lanterns.
After checking that out, my friend and I went to eat Vietnamese at Chom Chom.  The food is very tasty, but the portions are small and the prices are high.  People love to sit on the steps outside of the restaurant and watch the Soho street scene.  While we were there, though, we saw a flying cockroach... I worked hard to separate that image from the food we sat down to eat.
The salt and pepper squid with a mustard aioli sauce
The pho beef rice rolls
The lemongrass chicken skewer
The wok fried kale with mushrooms and green onion
The stir fried beef topped with shallots and red peppers, paired with rice

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