Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lights Festival in Victoria Park for Mid-Autumn Festival, Followed by Dinner and Dessert

This was a long weekend in Hong Kong for the mid-autumn festival, which is a holiday where everyone eats a lot of mooncakes and lights up lanterns.  I went to Victoria Park with some friends on Saturday to look at the lights and lanterns, and then we went to get dinner at a traditional restaurant, Pak Loh Chiu Chow in Causeway Bay.  After dinner, we went to get frozen yogurt at llaollao, a new Spanish dessert place that has popped up to join the frozen yogurt craze that is taking over Hong Kong.

 After we looked around at all of the lights, we made our way to the restaurant.
It is set back from the street, in an interesting, quirky, wood hallway.
We started the meal with the traditional shots of strong Iron Buddha (tieguanyin) tea.
 We got a platter of braised goose, one of my favorite dishes.  The dipping sauce, a very tart white vinegar, is delectable.
 Chicken with basil.
 Marinated chicken and jellyfish, a cold platter.
 Fried rice with olives.
 Yellow croaker topped with fermented soybeans and ginger.  The fish was delicious - incredibly fresh and tender.
 We also got some sautéed green beans with pork.
 The goose was so good that we got another platter, this time a combo plate with goose liver (the liver is on the left, the meat is on the right).  Underneath the meat is marinated tofu, which soaks up all of the soy sauce and marinade.  Yum.
 This is a minced pork and squid patty - we joked it is the equivalent of Chinese hamburger meat.
We were nearly the last ones out of the restaurant.  After that filing and delicious dinner, we went to satiate our sweet cravings at llaollao.

Here is my petit llao sized frozen yogurt.  It was creamy and tart and delicious.  I loved the packaging as well.  We joked that the spoon was like a mini shoehorn!
Pak Loh Chiu Chow
23-25 Hysan Avenue
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2576 8886

9-11 Pennington Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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  1. How BEAUTIFUL! We don't have enough festivals or events that involve lights in America. I need one of these every season and Christmas is always so far away...