Thursday, September 29, 2016

More Updates to the House

I haven't posted recently, but it isn't for lack of updates!

Things are still progressing steadily on the house, thanks in HUGE part to our families:

Michael's dad for coming all the way out from Ohio, driving an SUV full of supplies, including an air mattress and fan and a saw and tons of tools.  He brought lots of construction expertise and really helped us kick off the process.

Michael's brother for making the detour from Washington D.C., who was a tremendous help in moving, placing, and just generally dominating everything heavy and bulky in the backyard.  We still marvel at how much he was able to help us get done in just a couple of days.

My sister for managing to squeeze in a trip between her travels to and from Boston and New York to help run errands, get grub, take pictures... and just be her usual hyper-efficient, fun and happy and cheery self.

And of course, my parents, my wonderful parents, who are always really amazing, but lately they have reminded me (as if I ever needed a reminder) of why they are just so darn awesome.  They are such hard workers, and so diligent.

They have been helping on the house so much, and spending all of their energies and efforts to make it look new and sparkly and clean.  My mom and dad have been going to clean and fix it up, nearly every day, for hours on end every day, leaving their house mid-afternoon and working until late night, not getting home until after 11 pm.  I couldn't believe it when my mom told me.  It made me feel terribly guilty, for swanning off to Italy to enjoy a wedding, while they were helping me clean the heck out of the house....

They have been helping with improvements both big and small.  My dad told me that he donned a hat and mouth mask, then used a leaf blower in the basement to get all of the dust and dirt off the floor of the basement.  When the dust settled, he came back in to scoop everything up.   My mom said she was so tired that she has never slept better.  This is so like my parents - going above and beyond so that you can only feel love and worry brimming to the surface in equal parts!

Now to the pictures.  With everyone's help, the house is really starting to brighten up.

The stairs to the basement, before:
And after:
My dad noticed that the water was leaking into the second floor window from the third floor, and went up to caulk up the gutter.

Here, these were steps that Michael had stained in red oak, and then my dad painted in between the steps for the finishing touch.
Here, my dad is painting the metal stairwell in the backyard.

Here are some new bird eye views of the backyard.  We keep holding our breaths and crossing our fingers for grass to sprout.  As you can see, we are surrounded by lots of greenery!

One more shot at dusk:

A close up - never thought I'd be so happy to see a few anemic green sprouts!
But it is slowly filling in...

Separately, the contractor had put in tiles, and replaced the temporary wooden windowsill with a slab of granite, in the kitchen in the lower duplex.


And after:

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