Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Off to Japan!

We are departing for Niseko soon.  Could we be more excited?? Our flight takes us directly to Sapporo (no connection through Tokyo) where we will meet up with our friends and share a private transfer to Hirafu Village, the little ski resort that has been built up at the base of the ski lifts.

Current temperatures are in the mid to high 40s, descending to lows of high 20s and low 30s.  Brr.  There has been a lot of powder this year, which both makes me super excited and a little nervous.  At least falling won't hurt so much?

Here are a few live web cams of the slopes!

Apparently you can rent everything in Niseko (goggles, ski jackets, ski pants, in addition to the usual skis and boots and poles) - we can't wait to see how full service this really is.

My coworker brought me these which I am amused by and can't wait to try - "anti slippery attachable soles" - the Japanese sure think of everything.

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