Friday, March 27, 2015

Niseko Trip Report - New Goggles and Plodding on the Slopes

On this trip I came to acknowledge the cold hard fact that my skiing skills have completely deteriorated.  I don't know what happened.

It's like rather than getting faster or better at skiing each time I go I get slower.  I swear I would ski uphill if I could.  In fact, my parallel turns pretty much consist of my turning my skis uphill as much as possible.
You can see Michael in my goggles in the picture above!  I bought these at the ski shop and I really liked the rainbow reflection and the white rim.  I felt like a real snow bunny, even if in my actions I was anything but.  We were waiting for that one snowboarder to get out of my way but he was so slow.

Here are some other pictures I snapped while skiing or riding the lifts/gondolas:

 Taking a break… perfect with the soft serve ice cream for which Hokkaido is famous.
 I had the soft serve before I had the soba…this soba was paired with tasty wild vegetables at Boyo-So, a restaurant halfway up the slopes.

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