Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kicking Off the Year with a Bang - Bangkok Trip

Well well well.  The Bangkok trip was fantastic and so much fun and I'm so glad I went, even though I was only there for a weekend and it was kind of tiring to fly in and out like that.

One of my dad's favorite sayings in Chinese is "to find leisure in the midst of being busy" - which probably encapsulates his incredibly efficient approach to life in general.   I will never hear that phrase or conjure that phrase without thinking of him.  The man falls asleep as soon as he closes his eyes, packs the neatest car you have ever seen, can solve all kinds of tricky brain teasers almost instantaneously and manages to find time to do nearly everything that he wants in life.

In addition, my dad is incredibly confident and content with the choices that he makes in life.  I don't think it means that he doesn't make mistakes or that he second guesses himself; I mean that after something is done he doesn't go back in his mind and think about it or wonder too much about the "what if's" or regret his choices.  This is exactly the opposite of what I do.

Among his favorite sayings, another is that "everyone has the same amount of time, but not everyone can accomplish the same amount of things in that same amount of time"....  You get the point.  He loves his sayings.  But no, really, my dad knows how to live well - not because he is wealthy or because he is special somehow, but because he makes good choices, jumps at good opportunities, and understands how to savor life in the moment, even in its most infinitesimal glories.

This is something that I wish to emulate. You could say the Bangkok trip was about that.  It was also about getting to spend some quality time with friends while we have our health, and reveling in our ability to just jet away for the weekend.

Ultimately, thank goodness I went away for the weekend because I returned to a week of absolute insanity at work.

Pictures of the weekend to come in the next post!

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