Sunday, February 8, 2015

Eating and Strolling Through A Thai Food Court and Wet Market, Yoga and Massage

On Saturday of the Bangkok trip we went to a food court near the Chatachuk Market, then to a yoga session, then on to an hour and a half massage session, then on to a fancy dinner in a nightclub like setting.  It was a busy day!

I love food markets.  The less fancy the seating, the more locals there are, the better the food will be!

Here these women are mashing and smashing our order of papaya salad:
I wasn't sure what this was, but it looked like grilled fish with some kind of herb.
Pad See Euw.  I don't know how they capture that smokey essence so well.  The noodles are also so incredibly thin and soft, they are practically silky.
A very nice som tam salad:
This woman made these desserts by flipping up the edges of the crepe with stunning alacrity:
I thought this lot of crab legs in a steamer was so tempting:
 After lunch we walked around and gawked at fruits and vegetables in the wet market.  I had never seen white wax apples before.
Huge longan and wax apples, beautifully packaged.
 Fresh chunks of durian (the stinky fruit):

Mangoes and bananas and hearts of palm.
I know you've seen lettuce, and I know you've seen cabbage, and we all know what brussels sprouts are, but what about these?  These looked like baby lettuce cabbages, the size of brussels sprouts.  What??
The market also sold fragrant wristlets and amulets.  Lots of taxi drivers buy these.
 So many kinds of morning glory!  Have you ever seen green eggplants?  I was kind of mesmerized by the winding curlicues on these vegetables.
Such expert packaging, which I am convinced is taught in Thailand to everyone everywhere, because everyone ties their plastic bags the same way.

There were some huge river prawns on sale:
 The yoga studio we went to after strolling through Chatachuk:
 Health Land, the massage "clinic" we went to after yoga.  It was a veritable factory of massage, with rooms upon rooms and lots of people filing in and out:

 We got a room for four to ourselves:
 My pad, where I was in a half asleep state for 90 minutes:
Our dinner at Osha to come in the next post.

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