Monday, February 16, 2015

Brunch at Sohofama

I went to a girls brunch at Sohofama this weekend.  Sohofama is on Bridges Street in the PMQ complex. This particular restaurant was created in collaboration with G.O.D., a store selling goods with a local (particularly vintage) Hong Kong theme.

We opted to sit outside.  The setting was really cute, with fresh herbs and wood furniture everywhere.
One of the girls was incredibly generous and brought rose champagne.  We sat and idled al fresco for over three hours.  This is how brunch is done!

The mint next to where we sat:

The group:

The drunken egg with a goji berry to start:
 The drunken chicken:
 The xiaolongbao:
 The salt egg yolk shrimp, the moo shu pork with pancakes and the stir fried pork with kiwi
 The mapotofu (spicy tofu):
 The braised eggplant:

The pan fried steamed pork buns:

At the end of the meal we opted for carrot cake (not an item listed on the menu!)
 and peanut mochi dessert along with delicious coconut milk pudding:
The remnants of a most satisfying weekend brunch:
The last brunch club meeting of the year of the horse!  I'm glad we all got to get together before the Chinese New Year.

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