Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blowout at AirPlay

I decided to splurge on a blowout at AirPlay the other day, to try out the experience but also to see whether I want to commit to getting another digital perm.  Just how much do I love my curls?  ...Turns out, I love them a lot.

I was ushered in for my last minute appointment (made the same day) at 7:15 pm.  I spent most of the hour watching Project Runway.  (Mondo, or Gretchen?)
They gave me an iPad so that I could look through different styles and decide what look I liked.  I was then ushered to the hair sinks where they shampooed and conditioned my hair.

I settled into one of these seats.
 They gave me a drink of choice along with some chocolate.
It was only after she was completely done blowing out my hair that she led me to the mirror and did a "reveal."  As I oohed and ahhed over my huge doll like curls, she sprayed a bunch of hairspray over me.  I didn't mind because the hairspray smelled fantastic.

I felt a bit like a fluffed out poodle on parade immediately afterwards, but I figured the curls would settle after a bit.

Indeed, here I am, a few hours later.
This sealed the deal.  I definitely need to get another digital perm.  I just love this curly haired look!

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