Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pro Democracy Protests At Night

Here are some pictures from our foray into the protests on Monday night:
 An umbrella barricade on Chater Road:
 Students settling in for a long night:

The crowd was still going strong at Admiralty Center:

 People cheered enthusiastically and parted for the food and supply trucks:

 The students have started posting on the buses and trucks that have become a part of the protests:
On Monday night, there was a very noticeable lack of police presence.  We did not see any police or military except for a small group standing on one of the side bridges, completely out of the way.  The lack of any guards, officials or military presence was quite jarring in contrast to the previous night.

The New York Times posted an article that the protests are leaderless but orderly.  Well, all of that seems to be true.  The grass in Statue Square is still pristine, and not one person has crossed the metal chain links to co-opt the lawn space:
 A bird's eye view of the people streaming to and from on Connaught Road:
 Setting up the food and garbage stands on Chater Road:

 We have never seen the streets near our apartment so empty:
 Wowza, it's like ghost town! The streets aren't even this empty at two or three in the morning...

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