Friday, October 10, 2014

Phoenixfest at Zentro Loft

My first event as program co chair of the University of Chicago Alumni network went very well on all counts!  I think the event far exceeded the board's expectations and everyone was very pleasantly surprised to discover that networking can actually be fun (and not tedious).  Participation was very high. I would estimate we had approximately fifty people come in and out throughout the night .

Zentro Loft is situated in a glass-enclosed protrusion on the fourth floor of the ifc mall.
 We had red and white wine on offer for everyone, as well as potato wedges, meatballs and chicken and beef satay skewers (so... very healthy finger food).  I thought the table tents looked very nice.
Zentro Loft has nice decorative touches.
 We occupied the front and side section of the entrance of Zentro Loft.  As our numbers swelled it was a little bit hard not to be in the way of other patrons, however as you can see there was plenty of room around the bar for those who were not involved in our event.
 Greeting people at the door.  Note the de rigeur name tags.  I think the best part of this event was the mixture of alums coming from the business school, the law school and the college.   I also discovered a few people with whom I have friends in common.  I pretty much love when that happens.  It makes a large world seem so much smaller and accessible.
 Hong Kong is such a city of dramatic views. 
A view from the fourth floor podium of ifc.  There were lots of shiny bright boats gliding in the harbor last night.

I'm already thinking ahead to what activities or events alums might want to do together.  Hiking, rock climbing, cooking class... even during the event my mind was whirling with options.  I have also saddled myself with the task of drafting and reviewing the bylaws for the board (on a pro bono basis of course).  I really can't help myself...

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