Sunday, October 12, 2014

Follow Up on the Protests

While I haven't been blogging about the protests, they are not far from my mind. Last week the government reneged on their promise to engage in dialogue and discussions with the students.  Big crowds continue to show up in Admiralty, particularly on weekends.  The roads to my office are still blocked.


This movement has been an amazing showcase of the creativity and spirit of the youth leading and participating in the movement.

Signs have been taped over with clever phrases and messages:

I particularly like this "Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies" line on this sign.
 Umbrellas continue to be a powerful symbol:
 Yellow ribbons are everywhere:
 Signs in every language have been put up:
The post it wall is stunning - incredible in its messages of support and unforgettable in the sheer number and color: 
  While crowds are thin during the day and workers have gotten used to being able to walk on the roads,

 at night the crowds burst forth:


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