Monday, October 13, 2014

Hen Party - Drinks at Seasons and Dinner at Chez Moi

I went to a really lovely hen party (for some reason I like that term so much more than bachelorette party) this weekend for a very good friend in Hong Kong.  It was really well organized and I think she had a really good turnout - eighteen girls!

The theme of the party was blanc en blanc, so everyone had to show up in white with gold jewelry.
 The first stop was Seasons on top of Lee Garden Two in Causeway Bay. They have a really nice rooftop and the food (judging by the passed hors d'oeuvres) seemed promising.
  There was a polaroid camera to snap pictures, feather boas and metallic bead necklaces for draping, and some gold and silver masks and tiaras for wearing.  Everyone took pictures with the bride to be and wrote a little message in the book for the bride/couple.  My friend wore a very classy white A line sheath and an organza veil along with a silvery "bachelorette" banner.
Afterwards we went to dinner at Chez Moi, a private kitchen in Causeway Bay on Yiu Wah Street.  This might be my favorite street in Causeway Bay.  I thought the food was really great.

They put us in a private room with a beautiful wall of wine cases and fresh flowers and actually managed to do a fantastic job getting the entire party through their four course meal.

I opted for the Australian scallop, the pea shoot soup with crab, the ribeye with potato gratin and the apple pecan chocolate pie.  In between the soup and the steak they served a small palate cleanser, a mango sorbet.

The soup was probably my favorite dish of the meal.

But it would be very closely followed by my steak, which was just cooked so perfectly.  It was meltingly tender and I ate the whole thing despite being stuffed.

My only complaint was that the dessert was billed to me as an apple pie, and no one mentioned pecan or chocolate.  How is it an apple pie if you have huge chunks of pecan and the whole thing is actually made up of chocolate?

The dinner was really lovely, and I got to meet a few new girl friends as well as catch up with some old ones.  We played a few typical games as well, such as making the bride to be guess at what items are from which person's handbag, as well as making her guess her fiancĂ©'s answers to certain questions.

My friend is about to get married in Vegas in two weeks, and I could not be more thrilled for her.  I am so sad that I can't go, because I'm sure it's going to be just the best time ever!!

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