Monday, September 2, 2013

Junk Trip

Turtle Cove Beach
This weekend, I joined some friends on a junk trip to Turtle Cove Beach on Lamma Island and Tai Tam on the southern region of Hong Kong Island. The weather was not great, but our boat (the Oransay) was a lovely teak boat outfitted in green and white. 
My favorite spot - the upper deck with big squishy bean bags and an awning

Unlike other junks I've been on, this one was very spacious with less participants.  Alcohol was at a minimum, there was a six month old baby on board, and, after a lunch of grilled chicken and pasta, everyone dozed on the upper deck.  I loved the relaxed atmosphere, so different from many of the crazy party drunk junks that dot the same harbors, but maybe it's because I'm getting old.

An example of a party boat, although I did envy their amazing slide and raft

One of the first things to happen once we dropped anchor was to be approached by the Hong Kong police.  I guess despite the bad weather it was a very popular junk weekend, so they were being extra vigilant and going around checking papers.

My favorite part was how it took the police boat quite a few tries before they could get close enough with their net.  Here, our captain is dropping in the papers.
One particularly interesting thing about the spot in Turtle Beach is that it abuts a prison.  My first thought was, how sad for the prisoners that every summer weekend they have to hear the sounds of people splashing in the water, jumping off of junks and blasting their dance music.

It did start raining when we were at Tai Tam, in the later half of the afternoon.

Our second spot, Tai Tam
Everyone floated on their noodles in the rain, tossing a frisbee around.  Sadly a pending thunderstorm cut short my kayak trip, but to be honest I wasn't very good at it.  If this performance was any indication, I may have to rethink one of my dream trips of kayaking through southern Thailand's caves and grottos.

On our way home, we saw a big shipping tanker cross our path (and unfortunately we caught its equally big wake).

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