Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Date at the Salon

Michael lost our March Madness pool this year.  His penance?
Here he is getting his mitts polished.  One must give him ample credit for being a very good loser.

Lately I've been going to Cattleya Salon de Beaute in Hong Kong.  They are a very small shop on the second floor of the Wing Hong Building on Gilman's Bazaar in Central / Sheung wan.  The owner was formerly at the Four Seasons in Hong Kong, and she left to found her own shop.  They have been open for nearly a year now and they so far have the most reasonably priced package for shellac nails that I have found in Hong Kong.  I heard just today that their package prices have gone up though - too bad!

The ladies there know me by name now (funny thing about manicures and pedicures - they are quite addictive.  How can you resist the pop of color?  It's just so fun).  My only critique would be that they are easily overwhelmed because they only have two or three beauticians working at one time.  Today we had to wait half an hour after our appointment time, and in the past I've had to wait just as long because someone came late earlier in the day.

Here is a former manicure that I got and just never posted: Barbie doll pink.

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