Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chom Chom

This past weekend, we hit up Chom Chom, a Vietnamese restaurant that has no pho noodles on the menu (so don't even bother asking).  The ambience was fantastic, the food very tasty, but the portion size just pathetic.  And I suppose, because the food is so well flavored, the small plates tease your taste buds and whet your appetite so that you want even more.
The menu

Pho roll, wrapped around grill beef

VFC: garlic glazed and chili rubbed fried chicken wings

Cabbage salad with salmon bits and rice cracker wafer
Lemongrass chicken skewer. The dipping sauce was a tart concotion of spring onion, garlic chili, lemongrass and vinegar.
We also had an order of the Cha Ca Hanoi, but you all know how I feel about that so I won't bother to delve into that again.

And finally, the Bun Cha Skewer, which came at the very end, was a small bowl of one fatty pork skewer and two heavily char-grilled meat patties, which contained plenty of nuance when paired with their zingy sauce, fresh vermicelli and fresh herbs, but was woefully unsatisfying in terms of quantity.

All photos above are courtesy of my friend C, who is starting up her own line of womenswear in Hong Kong.  You can find more of her work here! and here!

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