Wednesday, September 4, 2013

China Club

China Club is one of the famous private clubs in Hong Kong owned and designed by David Tang, the owner and designed of Shanghai Tang, a store with branches scattered around the globe, selling clothes, accessories and homewares reflecting an Asian sensibility.  The club takes up three full floors of the old Bank of China building and was created in 1991.  Its walls are chock full (and I mean really full) of art in all kinds of styles.  There is a dining room on the 13th floor, a bar for drinks and a room for private parties on the 14th floor, and a library and balcony on the 15th floor.

We went there last night for drinks with some friends who were visiting from out of town.  This time, I finally had a chance to take some more pictures, although I didn't get any pictures when we sat out on the balcony.

Hong Kong loves the "members only" tag, but unlike other clubs, China Club really is quite strict about their members only policy.
 And apparently quite serious about their dress code:
 Their elevators have lots of original prints of a famous comic:

The lobby contains one of my favorite pieces ever - a few headless and armless ladies in their beautiful chi-paos and heels, lying prone in a plate full of water and live goldfish.  Isn't there something so deliciously tantalizing and disturbing about it?  Each and every time, I can't help but think about the goldfish nibbling off these women's arms and heads...

Ascending the stairs, every part of the wall is covered in art. 
And the subject matter and choice is definitely esoteric.  Mao and Whitney - that's a comparison you don't see every day.
A painting of the pope, because...well, why not?
The bar on the 14th floor is called The Long March Bar and unlike the other floors contains a heavy military and revolutionary propaganda theme.
There is also a random display of really big shoes. 
The 15th floor contains the library, which is probably (surprise surprise) my favorite part.  There is a spiral staircase (yay!) and books on China line the shelves from top to bottom. 

 There was clearly a private dinner booked that night. They had quite a nice selection of champagne chilling in the bucket...
  The balcony is adjacent to the library (you can glimpse it beyond the windows in the library)

The details and finishing touches on the handpainted walls of the library are exquisite.

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