Friday, September 20, 2013

Around The Globe

The Globe is one of our favorite pubs in Hong Kong.  We often go there when I have done something wrong/made Michael upset and I want to properly grovel.*  It has one of the most extensive beer menus in Hong Kong, consisting of pages and pages of craft beer in bottles and a variety of draft beers on tap.  It also serves hearty, stick-to-your bones grub that transports a bit of the UK to this corner of Hong Kong.

The Globe has a very narrow door and small entrance, but once you step in you are invariably shocked at the size of the bar and restaurant. It is a cavernous basement space with only a few little windows at the very top of the ceiling.  Despite the size, the seating area is possibly one of the most inefficient uses of space I have seen.  There are large tables and chairs lined up all around the wall, and large tables and benches in the middle of the room - all of which leads to a lot of dead space.  But somehow that just adds to the charm of this quirky place. There is a large wrap around bar with two TVs, which they keep turned off for most of the time.  (If this were the US, this bar would have fifteen TVs clustered around it from every angle). There is a cozy sitting area with a few other televisions, a bunch of books, and some board games.

We went there for a late dinner tonight.**

This was my dinner: the chicken, leek and ale pot pie, served with heavy gravy, and sides of beans and mash.  I highly recommend the pies at The Globe, but they are very, very rich.  The pie looks small, but I could barely eat half of it.  The crust was clearly freshly rolled and handmade - and full of butter.

Not a bit of green in sight!
Michael had his usual, the crumbled chicken sandwich.

*We go to the restaurant next door, Chili Fagara, super spicy Sichuan food, when Michael has done something wrong and is seeking my forgiveness...

**I had sent Michael on a wild goose chase today for his China visa application.  I had given him the wrong forms, the wrong itinerary, missing hotel information...

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