Thursday, March 16, 2017

Whiskey Tasting and Peking Duck at Spring Deer -- Michael's Birthday (Part 1)

Sorry to have completely disappeared into a blogging wormhole.  These past two weeks have been crazy hectic.  I am not entirely certain how it is already the middle of March already?  It seems like two blinks ago that it was end of February and I was just marveling at it being March 1.

Since my last post, we've been up to a lot.  First and foremost, I gave Michael tickets to a whisky festival in Hong Kong.  It wasn't technically his birthday yet, but I thought the occasion was close enough to the real event that it could be considered a part of the gift.

There were a lot of distilleries on site (a bewildering number actually) and it took place at the Hotel InterContinental Grand Stanford in Hong Kong.
They had a cigar bar outside.

 There were a lot of classes, called Master Classes, which offered a wide range of styles and tastes.  I purchased two for Michael, one focused on peaty whiskies and another focused on cask strength whiskies.
 The festival spanned multiple floors.
 There was a "shop" where you could buy stuff (but it was all overpriced).

 They served food and drink but in true Hong Kong form, charged extra for it.  Bah!
 You had to pay with tokens.
 There were a lot of vendors and it was well attended.
 They also had a few events, like barrel-making demonstrations.
 I am not a fan of whisky but I can enjoy pretty bottles lined up in a row.   And I know those high numbers equal to the number of years aged in barrels which means "FANCY!"

 Here is one of the master classes that Michael attended - lots of (mostly empty) glasses and pretty views!
 After a very successful afternoon, we wandered to Spring Deer, a traditional restaurant in TST that serves Peking duck.
 He's still wearing his whiskey tasting cup.
 The restaurant is very old and traditional.  And they do not serve deer, so I'm not really sure what's behind this name.

 I got a plate of pickled vegetables but it was disappointingly sweet.  No one makes pickled cabbage like my dad.  I have yet to find any that rival his.
 We ordered a few side dishes (baby bok choy, shredded meat with carrots and garlic stuffed into sesame pockets)
 but the highlight was the duck!
We ordered a whole duck and spirited all of the leftovers home.  I like their flour wrapper here - some may find it too thick, but I thought it was very tasty and had substance.  I do wish they cut their cucumbers and onions more thinly though.
 It was very satisfying and made us happy and full.
All in all, it was a very satisfying pre-birthday 'do and only set the stage for the actual birthday!

Hong Kong Whisky Festival

Spring Deer
42 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong
+852 2366 4012

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