Monday, October 3, 2016

The Aperitivo and Select Street Scenes in Milan

One of the most singular and amazing things about Milan is the incredible happy hour, also known as the aperitivo.  Likely named after the ubiquitous aperitif, Aperol, this is a really fun experience not to be missed.
We went to the Forest Bar, a couple of streets away from the apartment we were staying at.
This is the bar where the bartender was serving drinks nonstop.  Very generous drinks.
It was a fun scene.
Because Michael never takes pictures of me, alas. 
The aperol spritz was the size of my head.
The street was hectic with a lot of revelers and young fashionistas, carrying tote bags and champagne glasses and balloons, which I was kind of intrigued by, mainly because it reminded me of my younger days swanning about New York City, but Michael was not about to stop.

There was so much food that, despite our intentions to do so, we didn't eat a separate dinner.   We also went to an English football bar directly outside our apartment to watch AC Milan play Lazio, but I was not much inspired and after about a quarter, we quickly called it a night.

Here are some more street scenes from our stroll the next morning, before we headed to Lake Como.

 We had lunch - steak with salad and fries and buttery zucchini risotto for Michael, and
 an insipid Greek salad for me.  I know it's lame to get salad in Italy, but I was really craving some vegetables.
Next post, Lake Como!

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