Monday, October 17, 2016

Further Updates to the House - The Upper Units

Here are some more pictures to the house, as I realize that I have not yet provided pictures of the interior.  The house is a multi-family consisting of three separate units, a duplex on the first (garden floor) and second floor (parlor floor) and then two separate two-bedroom one-bath units above. 

Michael and I have been trolling the Brooklyn brownstone renovation design sites that are the wormholes of the interior designers' universe (pinterest, gardenista, brownstoner, curbed... the list goes on and on), and find ourselves completely enamored with the transformations of other brownstones in Brooklyn.  In truth, it would be impossible not to fall in love.  These houses are old grand dames that deserve respect and affection, which is why it is so heartbreaking to see the state of disrepair into which many have fallen.  It does not seem inaccurate to say that the house feels greater than us or the present moment, and we are merely guardians that have paid the responsibility and privilege to stay for a while.

However, fanciful waxing aside, we also recognize the importance of starting slow.  This is a big project, and New York City real estate can be like putting down all your chips on black in a shark tank, or something along those nonsensical lines.
Looking out from the main vestibule
Because the house is split into three separate units, the stairwells are common areas and each unit has its own entrance, with its own kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, and its own water meter, gas meter, and heater.

There is a hatch that goes up to the roof.
This is the third floor unit, after my dad painted the entire apartment with a base coat and two fresh coats of white paint. 
Door/entry way
Living room
Other wall of living room

First bedroom next to the living room
Another picture of first bedroom at the front
Second bedroom in the back, with access to deck
Washer dryer in unit
The third and fourth floor units have exactly the same layout, save for some differences in ceiling height, window height and outdoor deck size.  See more pictures at the page here.

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