Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sri Lanka - Shopping in Galle!

So, now we get to the fun post!  Shopping!  And the incredibly charming streets of the Galle Fort area.
The Fort Printers, where we met up with my friend and her boyfriend for dinner.
The beautiful entry way to the Fort Hotel
 This part of Galle is incredibly charming - it reminded me of Penang in terms of how every street scene looked ready made for instagram.

We spent Sunday in Galle, when we took the tuk tuk in the morning after our morning yoga at Niyagama House.  Michael and I are pretty good at letting each other do what we want on vacation, which is probably also essential given how differently we like to travel.  I was hankering to do some shopping, especially because I had heard a lot of good things about the cute boutiques and shops in the Galle Fort area, and Michael wanted to explore the nearby beaches and get a glimpse of the president (who happened to be in town).
The first thing that really surprised us upon our entry into Galle was how hectic and overcast and dirty it felt.  Buses and tuk tuks and scooters ran in every direction, and everything seemed… crowded and busy and grim.  A green, lush oasis of soothing quiet interrupted by the occasional playful monkey chatter this was not.

We had a quick, easy late lunch at the Upstairs Cafe.

After that, I hit up some of the shops on Hospital Street, Church Street and Pedlar Street.  Given the few hours that I had to shop, I did some decent damage.  Given a few more hours, I'm sure I could have done even more!
Spa Ceylon sells luxury ayurvedic oils, and lots of lotions, bath and hand wash, soaps and candles.  I bought a roll on therapeutic balm and some rose cardamom incense.
 Jo Jo is a cute boutique store with lots of fun jewelry, but I thought the designs were a bit too chunky for my liking.
 Galle is full of cheap and cheerful little shops like this, selling knick knacks and stuff.
This is the storefront for Mimimango, a lovely little boutique store selling women's wraps, sarongs, kaftans, cover-ups, and assorted fun jewelry and bags.  After spending over an hour in here agonizing over what to buy, I finally decided on a beautiful silk sarong, a pair of big intricate brass earrings, and a fun tasseled necklace with turquoise and silver beads.

 This is KK, a really lovely contemporary home goods store full of fun and quirky accessories.  I bought a copper oil lamp and a silver incense holder here.

As I was shopping, I became a bit obsessed with doorways and houses and took a lot of pictures, trying to capture the shabby chic of Galle.

After I was done shopping, the sun was starting to set.  I went to meet Michael.

Wearing my new purchase, my big peacock earrings!
We then went to The Fort Printers to have dinner with our friends.

Great shops to visit if you are here:
Mimimango - kaftans, wraps, sarongs, scarves and fun Bali-like jewelry.  56A Lighthouse Street.
Barefoot - colorful sarongs, kitchen linens, pillow cases, assorted homeware, toys.  41 Pedlar Street.
KK - home goods like candle holders, serving bowls and utensils.  36 Church Street.
Spa Ceylon - lotions, candles, oils, gels and soaps.  Pedlar Street.
JoJo - jewelry. 78 Pedlar Street.
Laksana - jewelry.  30 Hospital Street.

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