Saturday, January 16, 2016

Random Roundup

Bon weekend, here is a round-up post of some recent things happening in my corner of the world.

Podcast Addict.

This is the name of the podcast app on my phone, but I have become one.  I now cannot recall what I did with myself previously while walking to work or taking the MTR. My gateway drug to this previously hidden world was the widely touted and fantastic Serial.  I haven't dipped into Serial 2 (DUSTWUN) yet, but I have found all of the usual favorites, such as the granddaddy classics like This American Life, Radiolab, and Love + Radio, as well as some newer ones, such as 99% Invisible, Reply All, Israel Story, Mystery Show, Criminal, and Invisibilia. Others on my list are Freakonomics, New Yorker Fiction, Selected Shorts, The Moth, Strangers, Lore and NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour and Planet Money.

Atlantic published this gold mine list, proving that 2015 was the year of the podcast and, with the much anticipated podcast of New York Times' Modern Love, I see no end to this spate of goodness in 2016.

Ankle Wrap Ballet Flats.

I had some points expiring on Gilt Insider and I used them in the nick of time, which somehow in my mind justified the purchase.  I love how irrefutable my math and logic is when it comes to shopping.  I am a little worried about beige suede though.  Probably should have thought this through a little more and bought them in dark blue or black.  My optimism never ceases to amaze me.


I have recently started seeing a physiotherapist and going to physiotherapy sessions, once a week.  (I have also started to use British terms for things, hence "I go to the physio" and not "I go to physical therapy").  I have a little stretchy tube for stretching, and I am supposed to get a new pillow.  I have learned that pillows are very important, and that buckwheat is not for me.  I love these sessions because the therapist is a very chatty Australian specializing in TMJ and jaw issues and she has no qualms about digging into all of my tight facial muscles with her very. strong. hands.  These sessions are definitely building up my tolerance for pain.

South Africa.

We have booked everything for our South Africa trip, which is coming up for Chinese New Year in just three weeks (!!!)  I stayed up until 2 AM a couple of nights ago putting the finishing touches to a few final accommodations (I go into a rather elaborate exercise of checking articles, tripadvisor reviews, aggregator booking sites like expedia,, and, and then the hotel websites directly).  We had already booked all of the flights and the safari at Vuyani lodge, but I finally figured out the rest of our stay at the charming boutique Cape Cadogan Hotel in Cape town and then La Petite Dauphine in Franschhoek.

An Everything Salad (which sounds better than Garbage Salad or Leftovers Salad).

I love a good salad dressing.  Is there anything better than a tangy balsamic vinaigrette or a tart red wine vinaigrette or a spicy Dijon dressing or a sweet and sour lemon dressing… I could go on.  The greens are merely a more sophisticated conduit (rather than straight up pouring it down my greedy gullet).  I also like salad because you can so easily drop anything in there - in this instance, some leftover pasta.

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