Thursday, August 7, 2014

Taipei Trip Report - Yongkang Street and Hotpot at Ben Shabu Shabu

I am mixing things up here and reporting on the second day Michael and I were in Taipei before I report on our first day. 

On Sunday, we went to Yongkang Street to stroll around and then had dinner with my aunt and cousin in Daan before we headed back to the airport.

Yongkang Street is very popular for its various boutiques and cafes.  It is really charming.

 There were a LOT of people lined up for this "抓餠 " or Taiwanese roti/fluffy savory pancake.  Made me think it must have been delicious...

I read good reviews of Ben Shabu Shabu but was actually not all that impressed.  Perhaps my expectations for Japanese hotpot or just far too high, beyond the realm of reasonability... but I thought the food was really mediocre and very, very expensive.  Sniff.
Michael and my aunt and cousin met for the first time.  A lot of the conversation was in Chinese but my cousin tried to use some English to communicate with Michael as well.  I thought whilst the food was unimpressive (or at least not standout) at least our dinner company and rapport was quite good.

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