Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inaugural Board Meeting at The Square

As if I have not been busy enough, this summer I was inspired to run for a board position on the newly revamped board of the University of Chicago Hong Kong Alumni Club.  I ran for program co-chair, figuring that the programs and events are at the heart of any alumni organization, and that planning those events would be the most fun.

Last Friday I went to the first board meeting, held over dinner at the restaurant (creatively named The Square) in Exchange Square.  I met alums both new and old, mostly from the college.  I am the only law school alum on the board.  There is only one business school alum on the board.

I forgot how much I enjoy sitting in positions of leadership and even though I had never met these people previously I was really happy to sit down for a few hours over dinner and brainstorm ideas and talk about strategy, direction and programming.

Now if only I could get so excited about wedding planning… the thought of planning a huge party from overseas is more than enough to incite a massive case of procrastination.

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