Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Price of Authenticity

Today, while walking around Sheung Wan in despair over the current state of my lease, I stumbled upon a local building that was quintessentially "Hong Kong local".  I am all for living like the locals and shunning the prissy expats, but... there is a limit.  What do I mean?  Sometimes, despite my affinity for words, pictures are still better:

I admit I am captivated by this courtyard.  And the lone chair!  Simply poetic.
Mmmmm seven glorious flights to the top. 
At least this presumably means there IS running water in this building...
Right across from this building was an alleyway with a prominent poster, warning pedestrians of poisonous rat bait that had recently been laid extensively in the area.  Oh, Hong Kong.  Now all we need is an avian flu outbreak... oh, wait.

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