Friday, May 10, 2013

Kee Club

Last night, I dragged myself to a networking event for lawyers and bankers at the Kee Club (a "members only" club situated above Yung Kee in Central). 

As no one checked where I was going and I changed my shoes very awkwardly right in front of the doors, I'm not sure what "members only" really means...

Anyway, I'd already expended most of my willpower to drag myself to the gym, so I was almost certain I wasn't going to actually make it to this event.  But in retrospect I'm glad I went.  It's always intimidating to enter a room by yourself with a lot of people clustered in small groups, and to try to manuever yourself into (and out of!) conversations.

Having done it a few times now, I think the process, probably much like flinging yourself off of a cliff, gets easier.  And sometimes it can almost be fun.  With that ringing endorsement... I wish all and sundry a bon weekend!

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