Monday, February 27, 2017

Some Random Updates: Workouts, Podcasts, Frenchies

It has been pretty cold in Hong Kong lately, and the weather has just made me want to shrivel up and hibernate.  We finally had to break out our space heater (first time this winter)!  I've got my thick wool socks, wrap sweaters, and terry cloth slippers all pulled out.  I don't know if it's the cold or the dreary weather or what, but I have been in a bit of a funk. Lately, lots of things, both simple and complex, feel like they take a lot of energy. 

Work has been pretty steady of late, not crazy but also a lot of late night phone calls, which takes a lot out of me.   

I am trying to drag myself to the gym or to yoga, but that sparkly shiny endorphin high seems to be evading me as of late, and even new outfits (an impulse purchase of purple/fuchsia leggings and a Spiritual Gangster muscle tee with "Wander With Love" screen-printed on the front) lack the extra allure I need. 

I have settled into a nice schedule, though, which helps keep me consistent.  This is my aspirational schedule for a perfect week:

Monday: weight-lifting (45 minutes)
Tuesday: vinyasa (60 minutes)
Wednesday: run, cycle, or some conditioning class (blech)
Thursday: weight-lifting (45 minutes)
Friday: hatha (60 minutes)
Saturday: hot yoga (90 minutes)
Sunday: yin yoga (lots of stretching and slow holding poses) or massage

I've recently switched to lifting twice a week instead of just once, splitting it up with enough time in between so that I can rest up.  The weight lifting classes are fast and intense, based on the BodyPump program, with good music.  I have also found them greatly empowering, both for sculpting my arms and legs, and also for making me feel (capital S) Strong.   I can definitely see my progress over the months as I rack up the weight, which is very encouraging.

Previously, I felt I was doing too much yoga, which made me feel good but didn't seem sufficiently well-rounded.  Now I think I need to incorporate more cardio in my workout.  I hate cycling because it makes my butt hurt, but it also makes me sweat a lot, and I think I need more of that in my life.  I find I do better in classes, as I'm way too tempted to hop off the treadmill before I really hit "time".

Speaking of treadmills, one of the best things to keep me on there is a good podcast.  I am still loving "This American Life", although I wish they would stop making podcasts about animals.  I love "Death Sex and Money" (there is something about her interviewing style that really appeals to me) and I really like "Reply All", although I wish they would stop doing their Yes Yes No series.  I am also caught up on "Crimetown".  These are the radio shows on constant repeat for me right now.

This past weekend, we (or, well, I) had our most serious flirtation with the idea of purchasing a French bulldog from Taiwan.  I was particularly enamored with a four month old quiet little fawn female, weighing in at 5 kgs,  Some of her siblings are in Hong Kong already, and seeing pictures of them really tugged at the heartstrings.  I spent a lot of time poring over pictures and videos of bulldog puppies and kept shoving my phone in Michael's face, before conceding that it was just too much to spend and that we would do a lot more good to adopt a dog in Hong Kong. 

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