Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Relaxing Friday Evening - Nails at Lavande Spa, Dinner at Thai on High, Massage at Gao's

I have walked by this little Thai restaurant on High Street (creatively called Thai on High) time and time again but never tried it, but recently, I finally did!

My friend and I decided we needed a break after a long, wearying, stressful, and frustrating week.  We started the weekend with a trip to Lavande Nail Spa for a relaxing and pampering pedicure, then headed to this little restaurant for a Thai fest pig out, and then finally headed to Gao's for a massage.  It was a pretty nice way to spend a Friday evening.

Lavande Spa has two locations, one in Soho and another in west Mid-levels/Sai Ying Pun.  I like this location much better than their Soho location, which is tiny and crammed into a slightly-below ground level space off of the Mid-level escalators.  My friend chose a bright pink and I chose a mink-like neutral color.  We caught up and relaxed as they scrubbed and massaged and kneaded our feet into relaxed submission.  I liked the pumice stone scrub they use on the shins and backs of the feet and ankles - so nice!

At Thai on High, we ordered the pork laarb salad, the papaya salad, the red chicken curry, and the wok fried Thai basil beef.  The curry comes with a complimentary bowl of rice. 

Everything tasted authentic and the vegetables and meat were very fresh.  The food was so delightfully flavorful that I am almost positive they use msg (monosodium glutamate)... but I decided to suspend reality and ignore that possibility.

For a quick and inexpensive fix with healthy portion size not commonly found in Hong Kong, I think Thai on High provides good value for money!

My massage at Gao's was nothing special, but the masseuse helped worked out some knots in my shoulder and back which have been bothering me.  She also loved to chat, dispensing all kinds of unsolicited advice and theories, including, among others, that I should not do yoga (the stretching causes inflammation which is bad for me because I already have weak (inferior) bone structure), that I am very smart (concluded after a bit of informal phrenology while she was vigorously rubbing my head), and that I have a personality like that of a boy, i.e., very open and adventurous.  I asked her why those characteristics had to be attributed to boys, to no avail.  Ah, just another authentic massage experience. 

Lavande Nail Spa
64 Bonham Road
Mid-levels, Hong Kong
+852 3580 1333

Thai on High
41 High Street
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
+852 2858 7380

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