Thursday, February 23, 2017

1970s Birthday Party and a Thrifting Find

We went to our dear friend's birthday dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Fox this past weekend.  It was a 1970s themed birthday party, and we were told to show up in our finest 70s attire.  I was pretty excited.

But then wracked with a little bit of anxiety, because I didn't have a good outfit!  It was time to go shopping.  I went to one of our favorite vintage stores in the alleyways of Central, Mee & Gee, where I checked the racks for inspiration. 

I kept thinking about a pair of bright orange polyester bell bottoms that I had from one of my ballet outfits.  Those pants are long gone, and I wouldn't have a hope of fitting into them now, but still.  That was the kind of motif and vibe I was channeling.  Sadly, this shop did not have any bell bottoms.  I would also have settled for a gold jumpsuit, but sadly this shop didn't have any of those lying around either. 

 I considered several dresses and shirts.

I nixed every one until I dug deeper and found this funky crocheted number.  This dress was completely crocheted, and the body of the dress was stitched onto a mesh lining.  It was pretty cool.  It also looked tiny and I wasn't sure that I would actually fit in it.  (This place doesn't have a fitting room - it is truly crammed floor to ceiling with clothes, shoes and bags).  I also wasn't sure how comfortable it would be - the neck and arm area felt pretty scratchy.
Given all of those factors, the dress I chose was a no-brainer.  I found it in the way back nestled between rows and rows of other random dresses and jackets.  I was sneezing a bit by this point.
 I was able to slip it on over my dress to see how it fit.
I did a little selfie sanity check with Michael, who wholeheartedly approved.
And yes, those are real Loboutins in the forefront!  Pretty sweet.
 It fit perfectly in the shoulders, was free-flowing and had a fun foldover collar.  Bonus, it was floral! Done.  It feels great when you hit the thrifting jackpot.
Three of us ordered a 32 oz. wagyu porterhouse to share, and others in the party got assorted fish and meat.  The party was rowdy and boisterous and fun, and perhaps a wee bit loud for the patrons right near our table.  Oh, well.  We were clearly having a ton of fun. 
 At the end of the party, a colorful birthday chocolate cake!  It was very tasty.

Mee & Gee
9 Li Yuen Street
Central, Hong Kong

Mr. & Mrs. Fox
23 Tong Chong Street
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2697 8500

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