Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Handover Day! and Some Pictures Around Our Neighborhood

Friday was a public holiday here in Hong Kong, celebrating the handover of Hong Kong from Britain on July 1, 1997.  All around the city there were bright flags heralding the historic event.

There was also a parade in Central.  As the future of Hong Kong becomes more and more uncertain (as 2047, the date on which Hong Kong officially becomes part of China, looms), this holiday seems to take on more and more urgency and significance.

Michael and I did not plan to do much during this long weekend.  We are focused on relaxing and preparing for our big trip to the U.S.   I also likely have to make a trip to Vietnam for work before our U.S. trip - which is unexpected and adding a bit to my stress levels currently.

There is a lady right outside our apartment that sells very fresh vegetables.  I love how she transports her goods.
This also amuses me to no end - all you need to sell vegetables in Hong Kong are some wood blocks nailed into a wall!
 I love my neighborhood though - how great is it that smoked meat is cut up on a little stool and table on the street?  Love it.
Also, in other news around the neighborhood, Michael and I went to Sun Yat Sen park a while back - but we didn't manage to stay out long because it was so hot!

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