Friday, July 15, 2016

Cleveland Wedding and Post-Wedding Brunch

We had a fabulous time at Michael's sister's wedding.  They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony that was leafy and green, followed by a reception complete with a photo booth, toasts, cake, and lots and lots of dancing (and glow sticks, a family tradition)!

Here we are pre-ceremony.  Aren't my parents so beautiful and handsome!
 And here is my sister and I - despite my best efforts (i.e., heels and standing up very very straight), I am still shorter than her, alas.
 The ceremony as it is about to begin...
The bride was beautiful!

After getting family pictures, and participating in a cocktail hour, we sat down to a big family style dinner.  And then...the dancing began in earnest...
 The glow sticks come out!
Here we are, post-wedding festivities, as we wind down the night (hence the flip flops!)
We then sat down to a delicious and huge brunch at the house on Sunday:

After brunch, we went on a little tour of Cleveland, to show my family the sights.

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  1. Good to go through this awesome post. Really liked all these wedding pictures. Few days ago I went to my friend’s wedding at LA venue. The couple was looking really beautiful together. It was wonderful and I was really happy to enjoy it.