Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BBQ and Jazz, Followed By Mahjong, Cupcakes and Sake

I had a pretty busy and entertaining Saturday - I went out to a colleague's house very far out in the New Territories, in Sha Tin, on Saturday afternoon.  It was very difficult to get out there, to put it mildly!

The house was down a very narrow one way road (such that at any moment cars heading in opposite directions had to reverse or play chicken).  The other option was to get to a parking lot and then hike up a steep ravine.

The effort was worth it, however, when I got to try the delicious barbecue with grilled sausage, chicken, and beef, a seafood and white asparagus paella, a roast ham, and a spread of various salads and side dishes, including a punchy garlic Caesar salad.

The wine was really nice too.  There were some large magnum/jeroboam sized bottles to capture the eye.
There was a jazz duo - apparently taking requests.
The huge ham, paella pot, and grill.
The thing I most liked about his house was the lawn.  Ah, my appreciation for grass grows ever more steadily in Hong Kong.
Leaving was a bit of an ordeal again - here I am wandering the dark and lonely streets, far from civilization (well, kind of, except for that huge glittering building block up ahead) while searching for a taxi.
It was a bit of a trek, but I made it back to Hong Kong island in time to host my friends over for a mahjong double date!  It was really fun.

They were so kind, and brought over a delicious bottle of sake (no pictures because it was quickly popped into the freezer and then quaffed), a delicious half dozen of cupcakes (no pictures because it was quickly gobbled down), and, after a quick tour of our apartment, we sat down to a rousing and very long game of mahjong that had us staying up well past our bedtime.   Good times.

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