Sunday, May 15, 2016

All That Has Been Going On in This Insane Month of May

Oh gosh, guys, I have been slow to post this month because there has just been so much going on.

I am on multiple deals that have been pretty tiring and extended well into my weekends and late weeknights.  Multiple things have taken place in the office which have taken a lot of energy and time to think through.  After my mom visited, my cousin visited.  Last week, I went from Hong Kong to Shanghai to Tokyo back to Hong Kong for a whirlwind trip of business development, client pitches and meetings.  Michael and I are still sourcing real estate to buy.  We prepared our taxes.   I haven't really been to the gym consistently in over two weeks.

Will update more soon, but for now, here are some random pictures covering the last two weeks:

The view from the Shanghai office.  This picture makes it look very smoggy, but actually the weather in Shanghai during the two days that I was there was brilliant.
I love the new location of the office, as it is right near a bunch of great shopping and old tree-lined streets.  I stayed at the Pullman Ritz, which is very close to the office.  I also had dinner with some colleagues, where I got to try a very Shanghainese dish, crab meat and crab roe paired with little pancakes.

The meal on ANA was… okay.  The fish and that dipping sauce was delicious though.
 The tea they served was delicious, but an odd green.
I stayed in the Palace Hotel, which is a gorgeous, classic hotel right on the edge of the Imperial Palace. I happened to capture the scene with a swan paddling leisurely through the moat!
The hotel room had a really beautiful bar, with real crystal glasses.

The hotel was so booked up that I had to move rooms.  For the first day, I looked out at the streets near the entrance of the Imperial Palace.
The office is nearby, down the street and around the corner.
 My view at sunset was really pretty too.
It was a long day.  After a lot of client meetings and networking and then a client dinner, I went to a delicious 24 hour izakaya with my friend Henry.  This baby eggplant dish with chopped shallots and garlic topped with shizo leaf - wow.  So good.
 On my second day in Tokyo, I woke up to this beautiful view on the other side of the hotel.  Jaw dropping, right?  The weather was gorgeous.
One more, framed by my hotel room's gorgeous picture window.
 The flowers at the hotel were so fresh and so artfully arranged.  I love Japan.
 I was planning to stay in Tokyo for another day, but then had to rush back to Hong Kong for a late afternoon evening on Friday (doh).

However, I was lucky enough to get this amazing view of Mt. Fuji from my plane seat:

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