Saturday, February 20, 2016

South Africa - Vuyani Safari Lodge

Here are a few pictures of the lodge we stayed at during our safari in South Africa.  There are endless varieties of options when it comes to safari, including the option to stay in Kruger National Park itself.  I chose the private game reserve because I figured it would be nice to experience two different kinds of safari.
One of the nice things about being on a smaller game reserve is that the guides know so much more about the animals.  They know exactly how many lions, elephants and leopards they have and their ages and behaviors.  KNP is too vast for any one guide to really have a grasp of those statistics.

Our safari was all-inclusive but for some incidentals and any guided tours (which we didn't take, and which we honestly would not recommend taking) which made everything easier too.  Our stay included two game drives, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all non-alcoholic beverages and house alcohol.
In retrospect, we are very happy with how we decided to do it.

We stayed in a huge, beautiful suite a short walk away from the main resort.  Because there is nothing to prevent wild animals from coming directly into our camp, at night and in the early morning the resort insisted on escorting us to and from our room.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this suite is larger than our Hong Kong apartment.
The mosquito nets were key, as you would wake up in the morning to find all kinds of weird creepy crawlies clinging to the exterior.

 It had an outdoor tub that we didn't really use because the water was so cold!

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