Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jayne Eyre and Pre-Theater Dinner at The Spice House Restaurant

Now that I am done with the South Africa trip summary, I can finally move on to the things I have been doing since returning from vacation!

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is in full swing, and it is one of my favorite cultural events of the year here because the production quality is very high and the shows usually do not disappoint.  You have to book tickets for them well in advance, however, because everything sells out so quickly.  I usually go for the theater and ballet, but they also offer music and dance productions.  For this year's shows, I think I booked tickets in October or November.

Jane Eyre was a two part production put on by the Old Vic Theatre and the National Theatre, both well renowned and incredibly highly acclaimed theaters in London -- and you know that city knows how to put on a good show.  Couple that with rave reviews and a novel full of fire and wrath and passion and Mr. Rochester and, well.  I was sold.

Thankfully, the show itself turned out to live up to the hype.  I was a little bit worried when I realized it was nearly three hours long plus intermission, and the opening scenes were a bit odd and slow and took some getting used to.  But the production was really smart, the set design was efficient and worked for every scene, and I loved that they managed to convey the humor through clever touches (the winning touch was probably one of the actors playing the part of Mr. Rochester's faithful but unobedient dog).

Before the show, I went to eat a quick dinner with my theater-going mates at The Spice House.  The place is absolutely no frills, next to the wet market.  But hey, cheap, fast and tasty - nothing to complain about!

With locations all over the city, maybe you will find yourself popping into one of these joints soon!

The Spice House Restaurant
No. 19, Stone Nullah Lane
Wan Chai
+852 2591 4741

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