Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sal Curiouso

Popcorn with mussels

Lamb meatballs with chickpeas

Ribs and roasted tomatoes

 Last week, I went to check out Sal Curiouso with a friend after going to a jewelry trunk show at the Flying Winemaker.  We then got a few bites to eat at this newly opened tapas join in LKF.  I forgot to take a picture of the last dish, which the chef sent with his compliments.  (It was a deconstructed kingfish ceviche  with pickled onions and orange and avocado puree.)

Sal Curiouso was a very spacious venue and the food was pretty tasty, even though the menu seemed a bit scattered.  The portions were much bigger than I expected.  However, I probably wouldn't go back, as I thought the venue a bit lacking.  While there was a lot of space, there were also not many patrons and the environment felt a bit bland.

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