Tuesday, January 29, 2013

False Nostalgia, Blue Garlic and a Re-Perm

It's weird, often in Hong Kong I feel a very strong yearning or appreciation for a time period that I've never experienced.   I googled this concept to see if there was a term for it.  Apparently it's called "false nostalgia."  Gee, you'd think they'd have been a little more creative with that one.

Anyway, it happens a lot to me in Hong Kong.  I think because some restaurants are institutions and don't even try to hide that they haven't changed anything, including the soup spoons, since 1970.  Like when I went to pick up dinner on Sunday night at this congee shop on Queen's Road Central:

Separately, I just discovered blue garlic.  This is totally bizarre and rocked my world a little bit.  I mean, I thought I have been handling garlic for quite a time now.  And I use it liberally in all forms - minced, chopped, sliced, roasted, sautéed, grilled.   So how have I never seen this happen before??  I was roasting my broccoli like how I always do (lemon, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper) when I popped it out of the oven to do a little flip and toss.  Holy smokes, the garlic pieces were a radioactive looking neon blue.  I figured it had to be a reaction to the acid and not to my beloved silicone baking sheet, but did you guys know about this?

And, just an update on my hair: I went back and had to get it re-permed because my curls had practically disappeared by the time the one-week mark rolled around.  It turns out my hair is too soft.  Doh.  Here it is the night after they gave me tighter curls and styled it.  Let's see if the curls stay this time!

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