Thursday, July 27, 2017

Michael's Big Project - A Brand New Deck

Michael decided to embark on an epic project while we were down in the Outer Banks - you know, when we were supposed to be maxing and relaxing, and enjoying our leisure time, and not being stressed?  Michael decided to tear up his dad's deck and build him an entirely new one with his bare hands.  I guess everyone has a different idea of what they'd like to be doing on vacation...

First he had to measure and survey the old deck.
 Then he spent a whole day tearing up the old boards.  He loaded them into our big truck to bring to the recycling center.

This was how it looked after all the boards had been pulled up.

 I got to see the recycling center - lucky me.
 Then I also got to see the lumber yard, where Michael went to buy big beams of wood.  It was just thrilling, I tell ya.
 Once all the stakes and boards had been pulled up, Michael had to prepare the ground and lay the frame - the trickiest part.

It was pretty hard work, and it was HOT.  There were lots of various tools and saws being used.
 Here, halfway through the framing process.
 Here, the frame is starting to take shape nicely.
 Here, Michael cut the boards to size and laid them out in various patterns/configurations, trying to figure out which one would work best.
And finally, here are a few pictures of the finished product.  Soon, the wood will be weathered to the same gray color.
It's really pretty, right?  He also installed some solar deck lighting.
This is a table he completed on one of his previous trips down to North Carolina, which we saw this time when we were there.  I guess it goes without saying that he really likes to work with wood!

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