Sunday, June 4, 2017

Life as a Bowl of Cherries: Eating at St. Bart's and Le Bistro Winebeast

Things are hectic and busy as usual here - the deal that has owned me for the past three months has finally signed this past Thursday (Hallelujah!!), which meant that my past week was just a blur of documents, phone calls, comments and all the craziness that comes up for M&A lawyers prior to a signing.  It was painful but all done and dusted now (until the closing).  I think of deals and signings as like pregnancy - months and months of preparation and anticipation, and then a last gasp full of desperation and pain and a sprint to the finish.  I guess the main difference is that, unlike with pregnancy where the real work begins after delivery, after a signing it's really the beginning of the end (for the lawyers anyway).
My obsession with fruit continues.  Sometimes life really is like a bowl of cherries, especially after a signing.
I'm staying put in Hong Kong for (gasp) the next 11 days, before I head to Beijing for a couple of days for a conference.  Michael and I are going to try to turn it into an extended weekend trip and combine a stopover in Shanghai for the weekend.

I am also now frantically scouring reward tickets for flights back to the US - hoping to spend a good amount of time there at the end of this month and beginning of July.  Then I'll tentatively be back in London for negotiations at the end of July... and then I really hope my traveling can come to a stop.

Despite all of the shuttling back and forth, Michael and I have had a few opportunities to squeeze in a few new places in town.  We went to a new brunch place in Sai Ying Pun, St. Bart's, which we really like, even though it's a Castelo Concepts restaurant.  I got their hangover burger, which was simple but tasty - bacon, a fried egg, generous slices of sausage, all in a beautifully fluffy, toasted sesame bun, paired with barbecue sauce and a side of salted kale with quinoa.  I added tabasco to the sauce and that made the whole thing so tasty.

Michael got their poached eggs on Turkish flatbread with beetroot hummus.
 We also went to Le Bistro Winebeast in Wanchai, which we had heard great things about but we actually found overpriced and underwhelming.  However, it is a boutique restaurant that is independently owned and not part of one of Hong Kong's ubiquitous restaurant groups - and I can appreciate how difficult and challenging it must be to sustain that in this city.

The restaurant is situated above a wine store, which perhaps could be cute except it felt a little commercial.  The lights were also very bright, and I couldn't help but feel that the prices were a bit exorbitant for the setting.  We ordered a tomato gazpacho soup and a cured Spanish sausage tapas to start.  The gazpacho was a bit too salsa-like for my taste, and I didn't try the sausage.  Michael said it was "meh."
 We also ordered a grilled octopus appetizer.  This, to be fair, was very good.  The octopus was thick and tender and perfectly grilled, and sang beautifully paired with the tangy dijon mustard, sweet berry sauce and tart and juicy grapefruit slices.  The roasted vegetables, particularly the brussels sprouts, were also very satisfying.  The colors were also incredibly pleasing.
 They brought us a complimentary smoked sardine dish.
 I ordered the beef fillet, which was beautiful and very tasty but tiny tiny for the price.  I think the fillet barely measured 6 ounces.  It was topped with a huge piece of foie gras which I found too fatty and thick for my taste (too bad!) and a generous shaving of black truffle.  The key to this dish was the lovely reduced balsamic glaze which, paired with the tender, succulent meat, was heavenly.  I gave my croquettes to Michael.
 Michael ordered the veal filet mignon which was paired with roasted aspargaus and mushroom.  I don't think he particularly loved it - it was a slightly odd cut of meat.
Compared to our experience at Yakiniku Great, for which we spent approximately the same amount for two people, we would absolutely, definitely choose Yakiniku Great.

St. Bart's
76 High Street
Sai Ying Pung, Hong Kong
+852 2803 2986

Le Bistro Winebeast Restaurant and Wine Bar
G/F & 1/F Tai Yip Building
141 Thomson Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+852 2782 6689

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