Friday, August 30, 2013

An Office with a View

The views from the conference rooms of our new offices may well be my favorite part. 
It has been a little dreary around these parts lately, however.   
A view of Kowloon and the harbor, dotted with Star Ferries
 A lot of the waterfront on Hong Kong Island side has been built up in recent years, such that all of this boardwalk in the foreground of the picture is built on artificial land.
A northeasterly view, peering into Kowloon and the New Territories
Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong waterfront is not without its controversies.  While sadly my personal office does not have the views of the waterfronts above, I do have a glorious view of the headquarters of the People's Liberation Army of Hong Kong, specifically their exercise area.  I can see them playing ball, swimming laps and doing calisthenics when the weather is nice. So far, they don't look like they are very good basketball players or very strong swimmers....


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