Friday, April 19, 2019

Quick Catch Up on the Month of April

So, I sit down the night before a long weekend holiday to write about our last long weekend holiday.  Such is life these days!  I can barely keep up!  But I'm determined to update whenever I can.  April has been flying by.  
We had a long weekend for the Tomb Sweeping Festival on April 5 (this year has been rife with great long weekends and public holidays).  Michael and I enjoyed brunch with Lola on Saturday, and then I took Lola to Repulse Bay to play with our neighbors.  Lola hated the beach.  She stood on the sand for about 5 seconds before crying for me to carry her, and about 10 seconds before sounding frantic and wanting to cry.  A beach baby she is not (yet).

The restaurant where we had brunch was near two escalators, which Lola could not get sick of going up and down.  Here she is chilling with Michael on the steps because she wasn't ready to leave.

Here is Lola at one of her playgroups - she loves this huge (in comparison to her) tricycle.  And I love her.  She is so fearless, so inquisitive, and so decisive.  And just look at those little arms and fingers!  Is there anything so sweet as a baby's soft little hands?
 We leave for Taichung bright and early tomorrow morning.  I am super excited to see my cousins and their friends and everyone's babies.  Now that we all have kids around the same age it is really fun to get together and watch them play.  It's the next generation in action!  Plus Taiwan just has such baby-friendly things.  We are going to go back to the Island Aurora playroom that we went to last year, but now that Lola is nearly 5 months older and a slide addict, I am eagerly anticipating how much she will love the experience.

Work has been pretty consistently busy, but in a very misleading way.  Rather than focusing on one particular deal, I have been juggling a few rather time-consuming but altogether not very large deals, if that makes sense.  It's a different kind of busy. 

Hong Kong continues to be very rainy and overcast, but pretty warm.  Flu season was kind of scary and lots of people had colds and now there are measles outbreaks. I got an email from our local hospital calmly informing us that all measles vaccines were running low or out of stock.  I tried not to panic.  It just seemed like something out of a movie.

The US tax filing date came and went.  As usual, we opted to extend our filing deadline to October.  Such is the hectic pace of life that I forgot to pay the second installment of my Hong Kong tax bill on April 2.  I opened a rather lethal looking envelope at work today that I was in violation.  Ugh.  Whoops. 

I got my new HKID last week.  It is a very pretty, multicolor card (lots of satisfying blues and pinks).

My mom celebrated her birthday Monday this week, and I sent her a box of fresh seafood (live lobsters, mussels and scallops) for them to enjoy in New York.  I think it was pretty tasty.  It certainly looks very fresh!

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