Sunday, December 16, 2018

Holiday Party: Dogs, Slides and Rustic Italian at Flower World

On Sunday, Jovie and I took Lola to a farm out in the New Territories near Kam Tin, called Flower World.  I am exactly that kind of expat who lives, works and socializes in a tiny, tiny area on Hong Kong Island.  I rarely venture out into Kowloon, much less the New Territories, and can honestly say that I have never been out to this place before!  But, I am always excited for parties, and especially so nowadays if it means I get to introduce Lola to new people and surroundings.

The farm itself was pretty hard to find, as evidenced by the fact that our hosts had to give us a hand-marked Google maps and a youtube video... Along the way we passed a pineapple farm, another vegetable farm...  I wondered what it would be like to live out here.  It is such a contrast to my daily existence!

I love vegetable gardens.  Something about all those beautiful, ripe (or unripe) rows of green vegetables blooming and growing just gets me so happy and excited!

We dressed expecting the coldest kind of Hong Kong winter weather (cold winds, no insulation) but found to our pleasant surprise the warmest and sunniest day.   The place was set up with four tables under tents and then a large grassy area for the kids and dogs to play, with a swing set and sand pit at the edge of the property.

  Rustic Italian food was served al fresco and our hosts poured champagne, cider, white and red wine.  The offerings were plentiful and platters and platters kept appearing: caprese salad, lemon kale and romaine salad, deep fried zucchini and shrimp, fennel and shrimp salad, bread and pickled vegetables, pasta with meat sauce, medium rare steak, grilled freshly picked vegetables, sausage with onions... I really stuffed myself.

For me, the best and most rewarding part of it was how much Lola enjoyed her interactions with the dogs that were there. She has been obsessed with dogs lately and there were not one but three dogs at this party, running around!

As soon as Lola saw the first one, she stretched her little hands out and started following it around the property, crying out "wang wang, wang wang."  She surprised all of the adults with how fearless she was (these dogs were not small).  While one of the dogs barely tolerated Lola's ministrations, the other dog, Lucy, would come running when called.  Her owner held Lucy in place and allowed Lola to touch Lucy's nose and stroke her ears and fur.  There was really nothing sweeter than Lola's delighted cackle when Lucy came running toward Lola and licked Lola's hand.   As Lucy's owner observed, it's safe to say that Lola is a dog person!

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