Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Planning Our Qatar and Oman Trip!

Sorry for the sporadic posts as of late - my life has been entirely taken over by work, which has barely loosed its iron-clad grip on my poor soul in order for me to pause to post an update.

My exciting update is, that Michael and I finally booked our trip to Qatar and Oman!  I think I mentioned this before, but we are going to visit Michael's sister and her husband this May.  He is teaching in Doha this semester and we thought we'd combine it with a quick tour through that part of the world.

It is going to be preeeeetty freaking hot when we're there - we just checked the weather and saw that the average high is 97 degrees, with peaks well above 100 (like 113) and lows in the high 80s.  So that will be interesting... I'm not that worried though, because we will be in the desert and humidity will be barely existent.  I will, however, be packing a LOT of sunscreen.  And hats.  And loose cover-ups. And really big, dark mysterious sunglasses.

We depart for Dubai overnight from Hong Kong, spend one day there oohing and ahhing over the ridiculous skyscrapers and the oases in the desert wasteland (or more like, shaking our heads at the sheer extravagance and foolish waste of precious resources), before flying to Muscat, where we will spend a good few days driving a loop in the middle-ish area of the country (must-see's include a few wadis, some ancient forts, the town of Nizwa... and, the thing I'm most excited about - Al Jabal Al Akhdar, a jaw-dropping vista in the Al Hajar Mountain range), before returning our car to Muscat and flying to Doha, where we will relax and enjoy the city before flying back to Hong Kong.  The nice thing about this itinerary is that the cities and towns are all pretty compact, and the flights all average an hour or less.

Phew, so that's all very exciting and good.  I hope we get to throw in some snorkeling in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman (I hear it is underrated and I hope that that proves to be true), dune bashing and camping under the starry night sky adventures as well.  Some fire-throwing entertainment, while a bit cheesy, would be very welcome too.  Just because it looks so amazing. 

There are so. many. other. things. that have to get done on the work front this month (and all of the conference calls, God help me).  I hope May slows down a bit. 

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