Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On Eating Alone

After yoga class yesterday evening, I had a strangely intense craving for sushi.  Freshly showered, hastily packed, I made a beeline for Masu Robatayaki & Sushi in the On-Hing Building.  The three things in their favor: fresh, close, quiet.
My sushi platter.  Nom nom nom.
I enjoyed my meal paired with hot tea and my Kindle.   Last night, in this restaurant's dim, muted corners, eating out alone felt just right.

It may seem strange to eat out alone.  I'm sure some people would never do it; I'm sure some people have never done it.  Certainly in America it is a strange thing to go to a nice restaurant by yourself.

But I've noticed it is quite common to eat alone in Hong Kong.  Sometimes I marvel at all of the people here who are very clearly eating by themselves, despite sitting directly across from or next to each other.  These strangers are practically wedged into each other's personal space, yet they studiously avoid any eye contact or conversation.

Loneliness -- sometimes we are most alone and anonymous when we are most surrounded.  I guess that is both the blessing and the curse of a metropolis.

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